Urology problem looking for solution’

Patient: I have one of my testicular swollen … did digital rectal and urine test it was all negative …i have taken antibiotics , Augmentin …all remain the same my testicular still the same size …what other option or test should i look for ???

Symptoms: Swollen testicular , when i lay down feelings of wanted to pee, little pain close to my anal ..

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to us.It seems that you have epididymitis. Epididymitis is the swelling of the epididymis . The epididymis is one of the structures in the testes.Symptoms of epididymitis are:- Fever- Pain in the pelvic area- Pressure in scrotum- Swollen scrotum- Frequent urinationThe treatment of epididymitis involves the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics can be prescribed by a Doctor after examination and confirming that it is indeed epididymitis.I hope this helps you. Wish you a speedy recovery.