Use of pills

Patient: I started the pill halfway through my cycle and do I stop for the seven day gap when my periods due or when I finish the packet?

Doctor: If you have started the pill halfway through your cycle then you are not protected for the first seven days of the cycle and should have had used additional protection if you had intercourse on these seven days.Once you have started the pack it is recommended that you finish the packet and not stop halfway.If you are using a 21 pill packet, you will need to take a break of a week after you finish the pack before you can start the new pack. This is irrespective of whether you are bleeding or not.If you are on a 28 day pack, you will have to start the new pack immediately after you the first pack gets over without any pill free days.If you miss your period altogether in any cycle while on the pill, it is recommended that you take a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy before starting the new pack.