Using Creatine while on Carbamazepine

Patient: Greetings,In 1996 I had major surgery from head trauma (had a blood clot caused by a hit). Since 1996 I have been taking 3 tablets of carbamazepine (200mg) daily. Recently I joined a gym to workout. Simply cardio and weightlifting. I’m interested in taking some over the shelf supplements for the gym but concerned about any issues it may cause. I’ve been considering trying some type of creatine and/or arginine but would like to get a professional opinion.Thank you kindly.MJL

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There are no interaction between the anti-convulsant medication carbamazepine and creatine/ arginine. However, we would like to offer you a disclaimer about using any over the counter supplement that has not been tested or approved by the FDA as their claims or safety may not be known. Furthermore, since you are exercising regularly, your results should be evident without the use of any supplements provided that you are following an adequate healthy nutrition regimen. Certain foods like grapefruits can alter carbamazepine levels within the body resulting in adverse affects. We are not certain if the supplements that you are taking may contain such food additives.Therefore, if you choose to take an over the counter supplement we recommend that you cross check the ingredients of this product with your doctor to make sure that they will not adversely interact with your carbamazepine. We hope this helps.Thank you for consulting with your health question.