Using Staminogro, could I be pregnant?

Patient: Hi, im eighteen years of age,and a female. on monday last week i was put on stamino gro and since thursday ive been experiencing most pregnancy signs.i have been sexually active with my symptons are tender breasts,frequent need to urinate,nauseosness,fatique,lower abdominal cramps and headaches. could i be pregnant?

Doctor: Staminogro contains essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, however whether it helps to increase fertility is no t known. Though you are experiencing signs of pregnancy, I would advise that you to do a urine test for pregnancy the day of your missed period. Urine tests for pregnancy are most sensitive 2-3 weeks after conception. You may even consult your doctor for a blood pregnancy test which is more sensitive and will be able to determine pregnancy even after 1 week of conception. I wish you well, take care.