Using Tretiva 10mg Tablet Proper diet Please

Patient: Im 25 years old Male , Im taking Tretiva 10mg tablet for acnes with spots on my back for 20days now . i want to know what are the side effects due to this medications, as far as i have noticed is dry skin , dry lips , i learnt that it causes damages to the reproductive system ?? and what is the diet routine should i follow , can i consume alchol duriing this medication ( not taken alchol for all these days just clarifying) and can eat Chicken , fish ??? If no Than what is the Diet to be followed .and what to avoid ?

Doctor: Hello thanks for your query on ATD.Tretiva cause dry skin , dry lips , feeling of heat etc Apart from it may increas e blood fats. It also increases the liver enzymes so the alcohol should be avoided.You can safely eat chicken , fish etc. This has very minimal or no effect over male reproductive system.However in females it may cause abnormalities in baby if she become pregnantHope you got all answers.