Uterus question

Patient: Pelvic Ultrasound came with the following results, what does this mean:- Uterus appears highly echogenic with poor differentiation between the endometrial lining and the myometrium. There are no myometrial or adnexial masses seen. The POD, UBL and both kidneys appear normal. What does it mean, i had an abortion almost 6 months ago(D&C)and i havent had my menstruation since.

Doctor: I understand your stress situation. However I wouldn’t recommend red wine when you are pregnant. I realize that you are e in your third trimester, however the baby is still growing and the most common complication during that trimester could be a condition called “Intrauterine Growth Retardation”. There are also studies that show childhood behaviour to be influenced by any level of alcohol exposure, but that the larger the “dose” the greater the risk. I hope I could clear your doubt.