Patient: Do I have UTI or something else?

Symptoms: i have been feeling for about 10 days a very bad disconfort. in the beginning lower abdominal pain, urethra pain and pain when i pee as well… i tried some natural medications first like cranberry extract and nothing improved, so I went to a doctor and he prescribed me phenazopyridine for a whole week, he told me it would be impossible i get UTI because I`m a man and men getting UTI is not normal. I peed the whole week a very strong orange red ish colour, the abdominal pain is gone and during a few times the burning sensation faded away and then came back again… now the medication is gone and i still feel the pain in my urethra and the urge to pee… thats very disconforting… I dont know what to do… should I wait or should I go to another doctor? I`m drinking lots of water during the whole week as well, and it helps sometimes…