Uti and nitrofurantoin

Patient: I tested positive for uti and my doctor prescribed nitrofurantoin for seven days. She said I’d notice a discoloration in urine and I did. I’m on d third day, still taking it but d discoloration is gone. My urine looks normal and my vagina is itching and my labia minora is swollen. What’s going on?

Doctor: Hello,The most common causative organism for urinary tract infection in women is E.Coli . Nitrofurantoin is an otherw ise safe antibiotic for urinary tract infection. It is known to cause a urine color change inform of increased yellowish color. But if you have developed vaginal itching and swelling of labia following its use on the third day , then it is likely that you are allergic to Nitrofurantoin and developed a delayed hypersensitivity reaction to the drug.It is advisable that you may stop the drug and review with your physician for a change of antibiotics ( possibly NORLOX+TINIDAZOLE) and prescribing anti-histaminics for allergy control along-with . Please increase your water intake in the meantime to allow urinary excretion of the Nitrofurantoin metabolites sooner.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards