UTI and Prostate

Patient: I visited the surgeon who did my left varicocele surgery. I explained my medical condition to the doctor. The doctor examined me and asked me to do the following tests:1. Ultrasound Abdomen and Pelvis2. Urine ExaminationBoth the reports are attached. The doctor prescribed me CYCIN (Ciprofloxacin HCL) 500mg for 10 days, Motival for 1 month and Evion 400mg for 1 month. After completing the course, the only thing that was improved was my urine speed and nothing else and after that I am again trapped in that dirty cycle which I am experiencing from last 4 years. Now I am explaining what does I mean by that dirty cycle.1. I am facing problems in three systems of my body after my varicocele surgery the digestive system, the reproductive system (penis and scrotum) and the urine system.2. During the process of bowel movement or ejection of urine(feces) from rectum I don’t know what to call that process in english but hope you have understood my meaning my scrotum sand penis shrinks and my bladder doesn’t empty before coming out of feces and as a result i have burning prostate and frequent visits to bathroom after ejection of feces process. When ever i masturbate there is no erection due to my thoughts and very weak erection if some liquid is applied and when the sperms come out some sperm still left inside the prostate and my penis doesn’t relax after ejaculation of sperm and again i have to make frequent visits to bathroom so as to urinate so that the remaining sperms comes out.3. After this i visits the doctor, the doctor tell me to do the Abdomen and Pelvis ultrasound and Urine test and surprisingly i am always told that the tests are clear. Then he give me some antibiotics like cefixime, gemifloxacin, enoxabid or ciprofloxacin and tells me that there is no problem and I don’t know then where the hell is the problem.4. I take the medicines and my urine speed starts becoming normal and penis erections only after applying liquid becomes good but after some days when i go to bathroom for feces ejection process then same cycle begins to repeat which is explained in steps 1,2 and 3.Now, please tell me what is the problem with me. Either prescribe me some medicines or doctors which should i visit i mean i should go to a surgeon, a urologist or an neurologist?Pleaase help me along with my digestive, urine and reproductive systems my nervous systems is also not in a good health from last 1 year as i am feeling that i am losing my mental alertness, i don’t remember things quickly and many other problems.

Symptoms: prostate burning, urethra burning, erectile dysfunction

UTI and Prostate-1 UTI and Prostate-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is likely that your symptoms are being caused by a chronic infection of the urinary trac t and prostate. This could be the reason for your painful urination and erectile dysfunction. Since you were on antibiotics and these systems have not been cured you may need to follow up with a urologist who will examine you and determine if you require strong antibiotics or determine if there are any serious problems at the level of the prostate gland which require further treatment. Your gastrointestinal disturbance could be related to this infection or a side effect of all the medications you have been taking. Please see a urologist.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com