UTI bactrim, cipro not working intolerance to macrobid

Patient: I have had 4 UTI’s this year. This past one I suffered from extreme nausea and fatigue. They put me on cipro for 5 days and it did not clear infection. The culture was apparently “contaminated” and I could not get sensitivity results. I am now on a 14 day course of Bactrim but I am on day 5 and my UTI symptoms are still present. Extreme fatigue, stiff neck, swollen lymph nodes, headache, muscle weakness. The doctor never called with the results of my new culture/sensitivity?

Symptoms: Stiff neck, muscle weakness, swollen lymph nodes in neck, UTI symptoms (burning, urgency, frequency, lower abdominal pain, back pain), headache, light sensitivity.

Doctor: Than you for your question. Please return to your doctor to go to your nearest urgent care center to be reevaluated. You r UTI may not be responding to your current antibiotic prescription. Since it has been five days, you are at risk of having this infection spread up the ureters into the kidneys causing acute pyelonephritis. The sooner you are reevaluated the better the outcome of treatment will be for you. Please see your doctor immediately.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com