UTI like symptoms after certain foods

Patient: Hi. For the last year I have been experiencing UTI like symptoms but I have been tested and nothing comes up. The symptoms normally occur within 10 mins of eating certain foods. I thought maybe it had to due with the salt levels because it happens with Chinese, potato soup, pizza and that I have a high sensitive to sodium but my doctor told me that isn’t a thing. It usually happens quickly but other times it will occur the day after. I also asked about a connection to my period and she said that doesn’t happen either. Sometimes it happens a week after I get it but lately it’s been scattered and more prone to happen after food. Except today where I got my period and I have the intense pain of needing to pee. The only difference between this and a UTI is that normally I pee more than less. A little background info… I had a gallbladder removal about two summers ago and since then my periods have been way more intense. The UTI feeling never happened early on with it though so I don’t know if that has something to do with it. I also drink cranberry juice to help with the gallbladder aftermath symptoms and maybe that is making it worse? It’s all so confusing and painful. I have asked if there is MSG in the Chinese and have been told repeatedly that there isn’t.What is weird is that my roommate had similar symptoms last night and then I got them this morning. I tend to get sympathy pains however if that is even real.I am going to see a special doctor this week but I’m just curious as to second opinions.

Symptoms: UTI, Burning, Irritation