UTI not going away

Patient: I was diagnosed with a UTI during pregnancy, I did not take antibiotics. I had an abortion, and am still experiencing symptoms. My symptoms are: a white vaginal discharge, odor, irregular vaginal bleeding, lower back pain, frequent urge to urinate, pain below my ribs, and pain at the end of urination

Doctor: I realize how concerned you are about your condition. In my opinion you should consult your primary care physician as so on as possible, since you had already been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and did not took antibiotics, the possibility of Pyelonephritis which is an infection of the kidneys could be present in your case.Many times when people do not take care of the urinary infections when they are localized in the urethra or the bladder, it tends to advance and could reach the Kidneys. Once the infection get to the kidneys the symptoms are more severe and the need for intravenous antibiotics could be required as well. In my opinion you should consult your physician for a more detailed history and examination, you might also need some blood work and a urine exam to confirm the diagnosis and to get the right treatment. I wish you a prompt recovery.