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UTI or damaged bladder?

Patient: I have a bit of blood in my urine. There is a bit of sharp pains after I urinate. I probably drink a lot of water and hold on a bit too much too often. I may have torn something. It’s this really serious? Not sure if it’s just urinal tract infection or more. Would I need antibiotics? Would it heal itself?



Doctor: It is unlikely that you would have bladder trauma even if you hold a lot of urine in the bladder. The probable diagnosis of hematuria (blood in urine) is :i) Urinary tract infectionii) Renal stonesiii) Prostatitis andiv) Certain drugs like rifampin or dyes.The next best step in the the management of blood in urine is to get a urinalysis and an ultrasound of the kidneys, ureter and bladder. These investigations will help diagnose any underlying problems that I’ve just mentioned. Antibiotics may be required in the presence of infection. I hope this helps. All the best.



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Guest: I have similar issues.
Although every time I get a urinalysis it comes back negative, but red blood cells and 5 times the normal amount of epithelial cells..
I know that this can’t be contamination every.single.time. I have a diploma in pathology testing and have even had a catheterised specimen taken. could this indicate a damaged bladder? where the wall is practically shedding?

Guest: But this person should not have a habit of holding too much anyway. It can lead to UTIs and if in a car accident or somesuch it can actually burst the bladder.

Guest: To Aimee: I’ve had hematuria repeatedly too and am very careful collecting. I get written off too! You might have Interstitial Cystitis?


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