UTI symptoms but tested negative for utis.

Patient: Last September I noticed that I was needing to try to urinate at night when I had an empty bladder. I assumed that it was a bladder or maybe yeast infection. The women’s clinic tested me for both and I came out negative. It got worse a week later and I went to another doctor. I tested negative again and he gave me pain medicine and said he didn’t know. It continued for another month and I went to another doctor. Again I tested negative and she suggested it was mental. I finally tried another doctor who tested me for a variety of things. I tested negative for an infection again, negative for diabetes, negative for cervical cancer, stds, and an ultrasound ruled out tumours pressing in the area. He diagnosed me with over active bladder and gave me medicine that I took for around two and half months. The medicine never really felt like it did anything but when I ran out toward the end of February I got worse again. I have gone to a urologist recently who says my urine has tested negative for anything and did another ultrasound to confirm I am completely emptying my bladder. He said it is overactive bladder or possibly mental and put me on a stronger version of the pill I was on last. It’s been around a week and I am having no relief. I constantly feel like I need to urinate and it feels like it burns. I have no idea what to do or who to ask for help anymore.

Symptoms: Burning, pressure on bladder, constant urge to urinate

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to askthedoctor.com for an opinion ,As it appears from the history that you have been constantly troubled by a sensation in the bladder which urges you to pass urine even in the absence of urine in the bladder and is accompanied by often pain and burning sensation while the urine passes through the urethra. As all the tests including urine culture, stds,ultrasound bladder has been done, it appears that there is an innate detrusor instability or a constant trigonal stimulation (stimulation of the trigone area, possible hypersensitivity) which is causing this sensation.Hence it is suggested that you undergo URODYNAMIC STUDIES to rule out the same. The signs and symptoms indicates urge incontinence with over active bladder. The diagnosis has to be confirmed first before a directed treatment can be offered. The burning is possible due to urethritis or frictional injury around urethra, or possibly a presence of a urethral caruncle which can also mimic similar symptoms. It is suggested that a local vaginal examination be done by your physician and to look for ant para-urethral lesions in form of growth or caruncle. Urinary antiseptics and urinary muscle relaxants may not be effective in case there is a local lesion. The next step would be cystoscopy.So please get yourself examined.I hope i have addressed your concerns in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards