UTI’s and flagged test levels

Patient: I’m a 37 yr old female. The last couple of years u have had UTI’s off and on. Last week I participated in my company’s health fair and just got the results back. They flagged my BUN @ 1.9, eGFR @ 59.4 and A/G ratio at 1.1. Should I be concerned about these levels and could there be a connection with all my UTI’s?

Doctor: The reports that you informed are of some concern (supposing that creatinine is 1.9 mg% and not the BUN). You have not m entioned the units- mmol/ mg%Whether there was a connection with the past UTI’s is difficult to ascertain now.The first thing of concern is whether your renal dysfunction is acute (recent onset) or chronic (has been there for some time now).You will need a nephrologist opinion, urine examination, reconfirmation of the kidney disease and ultrasound to ascertain the kidney size and rule out certain diseases like renal stones.Note that kidney diseases can be deceptively asymptomatic and more often than not, diagnosed incidentally during routine screening.