Vaccination guidance

Patient: Dear Sir,My name is Hasan and I am from Pakistan. I need advise from your vaccination expert as I am not getting proper answer from any where else.My son is now 18 month old.He got GSK made Infanrix Hexa vaccination when he was 2, 4 and 6 months old. He got all other vaccinations ( mostly GSK made) as pernormal schedule.He got his 2nd dose of GSK made MMR and Chicken pox vaccinations (separate once) on the same day i.e. on 28th of December-2014. Hegot 02 drops of Oral Polio Vaccination approximately 4-5 days ago ( 12-01-2015) under Govt. of Pakistan compulsory scheme. I think thisoral polio vaccination is also provided by GSK to Govt of Pakistan (Not sure, you may be in better position to know exactly).My son yesterday hit a table in home yesterday and was wounded slightly. We met a doctor today. In order to eliminate risk of Tetnus,doctor gave booster dose of Infanrix Hexa to my son. Now my question is that is it safe to give Infanrix Hexa vaccination just after 18-19days after receiving (separate MMR & Chicken Pox ) vaccination and also just 4-5 days after receiving Oral Polio vaccination ?I normally heard that there should be a gap of four weeks (one month) before each vaccination), so I am very much worried. You arerequested please guide me in my case.Waiting for kind and urgent response from your side.Thanks & Best Regards,Hasan Sarfraz,Faisalabad, Pakistan.0092-321-6613853