Vaccinations and pregnancy

Patient: I received the MMR shot on September 27th. I then became pregnant the next month. I approximate that I conceived approximately two weeks later. I now realize that the recommendation is to wait 30 days before getting pregnant after the shots. What are my risks of birth defects and is there anything I should look out for?

Symptoms: None at this time.

Doctor: Hello,you should have taken precaution indeed as the chances of getting an affected fetus after the MMR shot is high with probable congenital rubella syndrome with deformities. However it is advisable that you may terminate the pregnancy, but if you wish to continue and take chances, then during the course of pregnancy, there are various checkpoints with ultrasound and blood tests which can help ruling out any congenital anomalies ad the decision can be taken then.It is suggested that you may visit your physician for a discussion and take an informed decision.regards