Vaccinations good or bad

Patient: 1. Where do you look up to get a medical question if stumped?2. Do you think all vaccines work 100%?3. What is your stand point on vaccines?4. Do you think all shots should be required?5. Have you done any research on your own with vaccines?6. Is it possible to get a shot and still get the virus or bacteria it was designed to prevent?

Doctor: Hi. Thank you for writing to us.I will answer you 6 questions one by one.1. Yes, you can refer to many great web sites and books. is one such resource. You can use the search option to find answers to your questions. Go through textbooks of Microboiology and Immunology. Those will also help.2. No vaccine has 100 percent efficacy. Some vaccines are close to 100% effective and most vaccines will reduce the chances of the infection. Efficacy also depends on the immunity of the host. A person with AIDS cannot be immune to any virus even if he has been vaccinated a 100 times.3. I cannot answer this question as I do not know what you mean by stand point. Stand point from what angle and in reference to what. Rewrite the question in a clear manner. I believe vaccines are effective to a large extent and they are important. They provide crowd immunity as well and promote quicker recovery.4. All shots are not needed but since you are in the USA, you need to take shots which are compulsory by the law. You can choose to take or not take the remaining shots. It is very unlikely that you will get infected from taking an extra vaccine if it is administered correctly.5. All Doctors study a subject called immunology that extensively deals with vaccines and the immunity. Research is when you do an experiment or an investigation with viruses and I doubt many Doctors would have done research exactly related to viruses though they will definitely have done thesis in other topics.6. Yes, it is possible. That is what not a 100 % effective means. In fact, one of the complications of polio is getting polio infection. It happens in weak children who get the polio infection by the weaker type of polio virus. This is very rare and you should not worry. If you think you can become infected, talk to a Doctor.All the best.