Vaginal birth after two caesarean sections (VBAC-2)

Patient: Dear Doctor,Is it possible an Vaginal birth after two caesarean sections (VBAC-2)Regards,

Symptoms: Gynecology, pregnancy

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryVBAC is followed in some places, where there is a good facility for delivery, emergency p rocedures, anesthetic facilities, Neonatal ICU care and well-skilled doctors to many any complications. VBAC after one c section is less risky than a second one.It depends on a whole lot of factors like the status of present pregnancy , condition of previous scar, condition of baby at term , any maternal or fetal comorbidities and any other risk factors for a normal delivery. Only if the doctor examines and approves to go ahead with a trial of labor in previous 2 c section for a vaginal delivery, it can be tried only with a high risk consent and the hospital be prepared to handle all complications as an emergency. Even the slightest of the doubts of complications of uterine rupture, scar tenderness or fetal distress will need to abandon the trial and immediately need a section. Consider discussing on these lines with your doctor and chose the right mode of delivery. There have been successful VBACs even after 2 secitions, provided maternal factors, baby weight, and other factors are feasible for the sameHope this helpedRegards