Vaginal bleeding after ectopic pregnancy surgery

Patient: Dear Doctor I was pregnent, however since my bf wasnt ready i had to abort the baby. To my bad luck right after 2 3 weeks of my abortion i was one night suddenly admitted to the hospital. I had an ectopic surgery 1 month back and my right side of the fallopian tube was cut by 3 inches. However right after the surgery, probably after a week of the surgery i have begun bleeding, for couple of days the bleeding was normal, however now it seems that i have begun to bleed like i am mensurating , which has been almost a month. Is it normal?

Doctor: When you became pregnant the lining of the womb (uterus) increased in size in anticipation of the fetus (unborn baby). W hen you underwent surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy the lining of the womb breaks down a few days later resulting in the bleeding you experienced a week after surgery. This bleeding should not last more than five to seven days. Bleeding  which continues for one month is not normal . You should return to your gynecologist as soon as possible as you may need injections or tablets to stop the bleeding.