Vaginal bleeding after masturbation?

Patient: I am experiencing vaginal bleeding after masturbation. Is it serious? What should I do?

Symptoms: This is kind of embarrassing so I hope to get some sort of help here. I was masturbating with my fingers and a toy three days ago and have been bleeding out of my vagina since. I have masturbated before and this has never happened to me. It doesn’t hurt and I just had my period. I have not been sexually active with anyone for a while and I think that maybe I just scratched myself. Will it heal on it’s own? I did some research online and I’m really scared. What should I do?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Bleeding after masturbation can be due to various reasons; it could as well be because of the scratch and stretch of the vaginal skin. It is always better that you see your health care provider who will do a speculum test & a scan to see if a medical reason is not the reason for bleeding or may require medical intervention.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.