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Vaginal bleeding and stomach pains

Symptoms:  Spotting/Bleeding. Stomach pains. Naseua.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
About a week or so ago I had sex with a friend, we didn't finish as I ended up feeling uncomfortable but since that day I had slight bleeding, only when I would wipe after using the restroom. I figured it was vaginal inflammation. However two days ago I ended up reconnecting with my ex and as well had sex. During the sex I began bleeding so we stopped. I know it isn't my period because I just finished not that long ago and since those two days I've had spotting, nausea and pains in my stomach. What could this be?


Vaginal bleeding after sex mostly could be due to infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, cervical dysplasia, vaginitis, uterine polyps or fibroid, etc. Mostly infection can be the cause of bleeding in your condition. Consult a gynecologist at the earliest, as you are required to be examined in person and then treated accordingly. Abstinence from sex is advised till you get treated completely. Sometimes your partner may require treatment along with you to prevent recurrence.

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