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Vaginal bleeding and unprotected sex, early period?

Patient: Hi there,I had unprotected sex on 17/08/15 and the next day experience ongoing pregnancy symptoms, temperature, cramps, headaches, dull abdominal pain. I actually took a pregnancy test knowing it was too early a few days later and it detected some pregnancy hormones(faint line). Then on day 6/7 after unprotected sex I have had moderate red bleeding but do not need to necessarily use pad. This has lasted 1 full day.My last period was on 27/07/15 however I am not always regular sometimes a bit late. This bleeding seems to be early for a period. I suspected it may be implantation bleeding and hope for this. However I worry I may be having a chemical pregnancy due to my egg being fertilised wrong. I would apprepriate any advice on this matter as I am trying for a baby.Kind Regards.



Symptoms: Vaginal bleeding before period, cramps



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Vaginal bleeding a week before the expected cycle in a sexually active woman could be an implantation bleeding indeed. Implantation bleeding occurs in a normal early pregnancy and need not mean a chemical pregnancy. The bleeding lasts less than a day and is pinkish brown color and very moderate in amount. However, the bleeding in your case could be implantation bleeding or even a hormonal imbalance as in intermenstrual spotting as well.You have tested quite early for pregnancy and it is advisable that you retest with a beta hCG blood test in missing the next cycle or after 14 days of the last unprotected intercourse. Repeat the test after 48 hours. If the beta hcg values are doubling it means an intrauterine pregnancy which must later be confirmed by an ultrasound at 6 weeks. If the values plateau or marginally increase, an ectopic pregnancy has to be ruled out. If the values fall and decrease, it may mean a chemical pregnancy.Wait for a while and do the test. Do not lose hope. You may start folic acid and progesterone suppositories after consulting your gynecologist.Good luck.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further clarification.Regards

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Patient: Thanks for your reply. I think the bleeding may be too heavy for implantation from what I have read or can it be that way sometime?

Doctor: We cannot tell. Sometimes there can be a sub chorionic bleed in an early pregnancy . However, this can either end up in miscarriage or can continue the pregnancy . Hence it is worthwhile to wait and then interpret the reports


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