Vaginal Bleeding and Von Willebrand disease

Patient: I had a uterine ablation in “09”, a month ago i began having vaginal bleeding and discomfort after intercourse. I also have Von Wilderbraun’s disease. What could be causing this problem and should I make an OB GYN appointment?

Doctor: I do understand your concern. Postcoital bleeding can be a sign of an underlying pathology and is usually alarming to th e patient. Common causes of bleeding could be due to cervicitis, cervical polyps, cervical ectropion and cervical cancer. This is further complicated because of your history of Von Willebrand disease. There is no specific diagnostic workup for post coital bleed. Your doctor may need to examine you and look for possible sources of bleeding. Other investigation that may be required are colposcopy and biopsy as well as evaluation of vaginal fluid for trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis.