Vaginal bleeding during intercourse

Patient: If I am currently on birth control and missed a pill at the beginning of my pack, and then had rougher sex with a well endowed male and started bleeding during intercourse should I be worried? I am supposed to start my period in 3 days (19 years old) It was not my first time having intercourse but closer to it.

Symptoms: No symptoms

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The bleeding during sex could be post-coital bleeding, which needs an evaluation to rul e out causes such as cervical infection, inflammation or even an early cancer. Pill related side effects can also lead to that kind of bleeding. There are chances of a pregnancy as well since you have missed the birth control. See your Doctor for an examination and to rule out pregnancy, also a pap smear may be needed to rule out causes of bleeding after sex.Hope this helped.Regards