Vaginal Bump

Patient: I have been peeing a lot and my stomach hurts on and off. today i found on the lip of my vrigana it a pimple small and hurts when u touch or wipe. but other wise i never feel it. but i was birth control i stop taking it because got yest infections. when i stop my periods were pains i get cramps in my vringa that it hurts to walk. i wipe my self alot after using the bathroom. Please get back soon thank u.

Doctor: As a general rule, any genital lesion or mass is an STD unless otherwise diagnosed.  while there are good blood and urin ne for certain STD’s, the best way to diganose genital warts or Herpes is still visually.My approach with pelcvic pain is similar. The possibility of a STD has to be considered unless proven otherwise.I suggest you see you family doctor immediatley.