Vaginal Candidiasis

Patient: I have not had sex in 10 months. then in one week was with a guy many times. two days after he left, i have experienced excessive vaginal discharge. I believe it is a yeast infection. could that be caused from not being with someone for an extended period of time?

Doctor: Vaginal discharge if due to yeast(fungal) or bacterial infection is assiciated with irritation , itching and pain and ty ypical discharge which is curd like in fungal and foul smelling grayish discharge in bacterial infections.But one should keep in mind that there is normal vaginal discharge during late stages of menstual cycle which is thick and white and can be confused with fungal infection. Recent sexual activity is associated with infection due to friction of the sexual act. If you feel that discharge is profouse and with a odour , simple slide test is recommended which can diagnose various common causes of vaginal discharge.