Vaginal Discharge

Patient: Hello, I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my first child. I have type one diabetes, but everything is running fairly smooth thus far. My question is pertaining to vaginal discharge. Before I got pregnant, I had a steady flow of discharge (often soaking my underwear). It’s always been milky, mucousy and such (since I was a teenager). After I got pregnant, it increased, which I have been told is normal. My question today is regarding an incident that occured this morning. I got out of bed and stood up and noticed that I felt wet on my thighs. I looked down and saw a stream of discharge running down each thigh. (I wasn’t wearing underwear, so it flowed). I immediately went to the restroom and, before I allowed myself to urinate, I wiped the discharge of and checked to see if it was still secreting. It wasn’t. I was totally dry, with no sign of further discharge. The discharge was not accompanied by blood or pain of any kind and baby Izabella is still moving regularly, so I didn’t go to the e.r.. I just wanted to check, though, to make sure it’s okay. It happened around 8:30 this morning, and nothing has happened since then. I’m thinking it did that because I wasn’t wearing underwear to catch it…but I’m not sure….Thank you for your time.