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Vaginal discharge and burning micturation.

Patient: Me and my boyfriend have sex about two to three times a day, for about three months now . and just two weeks ago it started to hur like a knife when he would enter inside me. about a month ago it hurt when i peed and my pee was cloudy and stunk and it burned like crazy and now i have both problems. what is it and what do i do?


Doctor: Your symptoms may be caused by vulvovaginitis. This is extremely common in your age group and is cause by infection with bacteria, viruses and fungus. Sexually transmitted infections can also cause vulvovaginitis.A micorscopic evaluation of the vaginal discharge is usually done to identify the cause of infection. A urinalysis may also be due to see for underlying urinary tract infection. The treatment depends on the cause of the infection.If is often helpful to wear cotton underwear during this time and keep well hydrated. If a sexually transmitted infection is diagnosed, it is important for your partner to receive treatment too.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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