Vaginal discharge, painful intercourse..

Patient: Vaginal discharge, painful intercourse, swelling of vulva/vagina, frequent urination.. I don’t know what it is

Symptoms: Vaginal discharge, painful intercourse, swelling vulva/vagina, frequent urination

Doctor: Hello,It is evident from the symptoms that you have been suffering from vaginitis secondary to a possible vaginal inf ection mostly bacterial vaginosis. Also, urinary tract infection developed following bacterial vaginosis.iT IS HENCE ADVISED THAT YOU VISIT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR A PER SPECULUM EXAMINATION AND A HIGH VAGINAL SWAB SMEAR FOR CULTURE TO ISOLATE THE CAUSATIVE ORGANISM and to direct antibiotic treatment both for vaginitis and UTI ( following urine culture) for a week. it should be treated easily and you need to avoid intercourse till complete treatment is achieved.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards