Vaginal Pain & Burning with urinating

Patient: I have had a vulvar-outer vaginal Biopsy 4 months ago because of recurring vaginal yeast/ UTI’s for 2 years. The Biopsy came back as a benign Leiomyoma despite there not being any actual visible signs of a tumour or problem. In the 4 months since, nothing was done by my OBGYN for this diagnosis I have not been referred elsewhere or seen any oncologists. One month ago my OBGYN felt a cyst in between my vaginal wall and rectum because I was complaining of painful symptoms of the vagina. The Cyst was not able to be seen via Ultrasound. To eliminate all other possibilities (STD’s, Diabetes, HIV, Hyperthyroidism, Genital herpes, etc) , we did extensive blood and urine tests and they were all negative. The pain that I have is burning after urinating, pain while sitting, stabbing pains in my clitoris that come and go and a general “soreness” of the vaginal opening. My OBGYN is away for a month and my Family GP doesn’t want to interfere. I cannot wait a month until I can see my OBGYN again. I have been on Yaz for over a year now and have had my HPV vaccinations as well I have been with the same sexual partner for 2 years and he has been tested for everything possible as well.

Symptoms: Vaginal pain, burning after urination, painful to sit, sharp clitoral pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you have developed a urinary and vaginal infection. Depending on the ti me frame when your initial laboratory testing was performed you may have developed this infection afterwards, or it may have been in a sublinical state when you were tested and thus went undetected. This has to be treated with a course of oral antibiotics along with topical antiinflammatory cream to treat the vaginal irritation you are experiencing. Please see your doctor immediately to start treatment. If left untreated, this infection can spread to your pelvis which can be very serious and difficult to treat.Thank you for consulting