Vaginal spotting in early Pregnancy

Patient: Hi Doctor, I did a home pregnancy test on Saturday and that came out positive. But my concern is that i am spotting from last 4 days.Actualy, me and my husband had a Sex on thrusday and i started bleeding on friday.I was not sure whether I am pregnant or not so I did a pregnancy test at home on saturday morning and it came out as positive, bleeding also stopped on saturday morning only but i do get dark brown blood spots on my penty till date. I had my last menses on 5th January. We didn’t get an appointment from the gynecologist yet. Until we get the appointment any suggessions would be helpful.

Doctor: Since your Last menstrual period was more than a month ago, you might have probably conceived around two weeks after you r last menstrual period and not form your last sexual encounter.Let me reassure you that spotting during the first trimester should not worry you, however if you notice contractions concomitant with vaginal bleeding, this might be a sign of miscarriage and medical attention must be given. In the meantime avoid second hand smoking, alcohol and intense exercise until this possibility is ruled out by your gynecologist. I wish you a successful pregnancy.