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Vaginal Ultrasound and Consent Forms

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Dear Doctor, I am 41 years old, healthy, non smoking woman. About 6 weeks ago I had my period and the bleeding did not stop, it got worse and worse and the clotting was horrible. It was bad enough that I missed work. My doctor put me a high dose of hormones (estrogen) for 10 days and now the bleeding has stopped. I went for an ultrasound yesterday and was alittle shocked when the woman asked me to consent to a vaginal ultrasound?? I agreed and she did this (which seemed to take forever) but now I am scared to death that maybe she detected cancer or something. Is there any simple reason she did this?? I'm hoping you can ease my mind, I"ve had a lot of work related stress lately and the passing of my dad and I dont need anymore bad news to start 2010. Thank you so much

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The test was likely being done by your doctor to rule out the possibility of cancer or uterine and vaginal masses.
The consent form you signed is common practice in medicine. It is for your protection. It is to make you aware of the most common risks of the procedure you are undertaking so that you may make an informed decision.  This will allow you to decide if you want to proceed with the procedure or not.

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