Varicose veins or just a superficial vein?

Patient: Dear Dr, Im 18 years of age, female, im 5ft 7inch and 8 stone 11 pounds and I’m fresh out sixth form. I recently found a VERY visable vein at the back of my leg, it doesnt bulge of stick out its just very thick and visable. Could this be a varicose vein? I have a few thread veins and my mum suffered from varicose at the age of 23 after having 3 children.

Doctor: It is highly unlikely that this is a varicose vein. They tend to occur in older individuals and are usually raised above the skin surface. In your case this may just be a superficial vein and thus it lies just below the skin and thus is so visible. Some individuals have thinner skin and more superficial veins thus making them more prominent. All the best.