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Vasodilation of leg arteries

Patient: My enquiry relates to a bulging temporal artery which becomes more prominent in times of heat,stress,etc.I am in good health,and have been checked for hyper dynamic circulation issues arising from hypertension,hyperthyroidism,anaemia with no indication of any of these.I would like to minimize the appearance of this artery when it becomes prominent.Does vasodilation of leg arteries via excercise specific to leg muscles only decrease blood flow to the upper body and in particular the superficial temporal arteries?



Symptoms: Bulging temporal arteries when hot and stressed



Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD, thank you for the query.The temporal artery and its branches including yours can bulge and pulse because of inflammation.The condition is called temporal arteritis.If you have headaches, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, night sweats, a biopsy of the artery is needed.Please see a plastic surgeon for ligation (closure) of the artery for cosmetic reasons.The tissue must be sent for pathologic examination.Immunofluorescence studies may be needed.So please before the biopsy also see a rheumatologist for evaluation and any recommendations to the surgeon as to tissue testing.Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.Hope you find this information helpful.Feel free to discuss further.Best wishes.

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Doctor: Vasodilation of leg muscles decreases circulation in other areas of body not in use and not just upper body.

Patient: I have been cleared of any condition by my g.p who informed me it was due to facial structure and genetics.I was also informed by a number of plastic surgeons that they are unwilling to assist in any way so I am left with this very unsightly artery.Is there anything I can do of my own accord such as leg excercise a,as previously mentioned?

Doctor: This is a temporary solution, it will last as long as you exercise, surgery is the only permanent solution.


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