Vein in my right arm is tight, my heart beat is irregular?

Patient: The other night I experimented with magic mushrooms, after my bad trip was over, I smoked some marijuana with it. A little later my right arm had a random pain, in the middle of my forearm, my chest felt really tight, weird and my heart raced, I thought I was having a heart attack so I laid down, until I calmed down, and my arm hurt after, I think my vein is injured, it is very tight now and i can’t twist my arm, my armpit is sore as my arm, and my chest feels weird sometimes.What do you think is wrong with my arm? What do you think happend?(to my vein?)

Symptoms: Tight vein in right arm, chest discomfort, fast heart rate, fatigue

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. It has nothing to do with heart disease. Symptoms could be part of allergic reaction to mushro oms. It should subside on its own within 24 hours. If the symptoms are persisting, consult your physician for further advice.