Veins sliding over knuckles interfere with violin playing

Patient: When I open and close my left hand, the veins slide over my knuckles on a few of my fingers. I believe my knuckles may be larger than normal due to “cracking” them when I was younger.I am trying to become a professional violinist; however, this sliding of the veins over my knuckles causes hangs in my playing as I depress strings during a song.What options are there concerning options to regain fluid movement of my left hand?

Symptoms: Large knuckles

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Doctor: Thank you for your question. There dose not appear to be any pathological condition of your hand, and the position of th e veins are normal by our analysis. This may simply be the natural morphology of your hand’s anatomy. Excessive cracking of the knuckles is has not been conclusively proven to cause joint disfunction and swelling. It appears as though you may have to adjust your playing grip to adequately perform at an optimal level.Thank you for consulting