Patient: I am 23 Year old. I have cleared the SSB interview for recruitment as an Officer in Indian Army. But unfortunately, I was rejected during Medical Test due to Ventricular extra Systole. Sir,Is it such a serious heart disorder? What are the medical remedies and treatments?. Please give a reply at the earliest.

Doctor: Ventricular extra systole medically termed as premature ventricular contractions is seen in many conditions like serious conditions like rhythm disturbances, MI or heart attack, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, calcium excess, etc. or trivial causes like tea, coffee, alcohol addictions, etc. Unless symptomatic, usually this not treated if not associated with any serious condition. It usually restores normal after correcting the abnormality or stopping the addiction. Serious conditions require treatment based on the condition from medication to pace maker implantation. Consult a cardiologist for detailed evaluation of cause and appropriate treatment.