Very high LH level

Patient: Hi. what can be the reason for my serum LH level to be as high as 65u/L? FSH was 14u/L and testosterone normal. I’m 27 years old female.

Symptoms: acne, irregular periods

Doctor: FSH and LH levels are best interpreted with respect to the normal values of the laboratory in which the hormones are tes ted. Also these hormone levels are to be interpreted with respect to the day of your menstrual cycle on which they were tested.Assuming, the blood was drawn on the second or third day of your period, the results suggest a strong likelihood of an abnormally high LH as well as a FSH that is on the higher side. Given your history of acne, irregular periods, etc. the most probable diagnosis seems to be polycystic ovarian syndrome. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is characterised by infrequent cycles, signs of hyperandrogenemia such as acne, facial hair etc. and an ultrasound picture suggestive of polycystic ovaries or a raised ovarian volume. The other alternative diagnosis is that of a premature ovarian inadequacy. In this condition, the ovarian reserves go down prematurely and is diagnosed once the FSH and LH are above 15 – 20 u/L.You might need to repeat your tests again to confirm the diagnosis. Discuss these reports with a reproductive endocrinologist or a fertility physician for more expert guidance on the treatment modalities available to you.