Very painful back and left leg pains

Patient: Doctor, My pain is similar,but I have a couple questiions because of some big differences!First I have two bad disc in the lower section , sorry I do not know which disc. My pain is in my lower left side of my spine and in the quad muscleof my left leg. It fells like it is being sabbed and is burning. My question is, the treatment I was told to pursue was to have an mylogram. I have had three of this test in the past and had very bad results from the Doctor hitting neves during the test. They also are very,very painful.Is there any way of doing this test by giving me some kind of sedative,just long enough to get the needle in? Why is so important for one to be awake during thr first few moments of the test? I know they might need to ask you a question,but there must be something to use where I could still aswer them, but still be protected from that pain??This pain is killing meand I really need an answer!!!!!!Thank you, God Bless,Dennis Kennedy