Very, very low estradiol levels – will I still be able to get pregnant someday?

Patient: I am a 30 year old female, and recently had my hormone levels tested. My estradiol, estrogen 2, level came back, and my doctor said it is the lowest level she’s ever seen. The lab lists the normal range as being .2 to 5.2 pg per ml. My result was .01.My testosterone is slightly low at 6.12 pg per ml, but the rest were normal.My doctor is having me take a Maca supplement daily. I’m also using estrogen suppositories nightly for 2 weeks, and then 1 to 2x per week thereafter.What does this mean for my long term fertility? I’d like to someday have children and had previously been planning to freeze my eggs at age 32 if I am still unmarried. My BMI is 20, and I currently eat a very healthy, organic diet rich in produce and wild salmon.Thank you!