Vessel hanging out of wound on hand

Patient: Hand injury.Hi, I cut my hand a couple of weeks ago (very deep). The wound closed but this vessel is hanging out. Whenever touched, or exposed to heat or cold, it causes extreme nerve pain (?). Burning, jolting pain. Went th the er, Dr. had no clue. My GP had no clue & sent me to an orthopedist, who had no clue.

Symptoms: Pain when touched.

Vessel hanging out of wound...-1 Vessel hanging out of wound...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, pictures and medications history.The tissue which is hanging out may be a tendon with t he nerve or a slough.And would never have been seen if it would have been cut within time.What is more important is the excision of this remnant as such a tissue should not be hanging out.Please request your Doctor to get this explored and excised as soon as possible.I hope this answer your query and helps you and your Doctor to take a decision to cut this out and send for histopathology too.