Vibrations in brain after menopause.

Patient: Sort of pain and pressure in the mid of the chest,feels like something is going inside the brain,sometimes head gets cool,bowel motions donot seem to be free going. recently underwent menopause.Please tell me what could this be.anything serious?

Symptoms: I dont have any blood pressure or diabetes. checked for thyroid but i dont have it. 🙂

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.During menopause hot flushes, mood changes etc symptoms can be experienced due to hormonal fluctuation.Usually it will take few months for the subsidence of these symptoms.Sometimes gastritis can mimic the chest pain.According to your history possibly you may be having gastritis and constipation also.Better to consult your doctor once and get evaluated for the symptoms and to rule out cardiovascular and neurological problems.If needed you can go for phytoestrogens which are comparatively safe and can decrease the menopausal symptoms.Antacids and laxatives can help in relieving the gastric disturbances.Take care.