Victoza- serious hair loss

Patient: Hallo Doctor please help me! I have been using victoza since Nov 2014 0.6mg. End Des 2014 it became more 1.2mg and since Jan 2015 my hair is falling out a lot more than normal. i have asked the doctor whom prescribed it about the hair loss but he doesn’t have a answer since i am the third person he prescribed it for. It is becoming a desperate situation, should I stop using victoza??RegardsT

Symptoms: Serious hair loss

Doctor: Thank you for choosing ATD.Here are a few side effects of Liraglutide:HeadacheUpset stomachNauseaDiarrheaB ack painCold and runny noseSkin rashHowever, hair fall is not one of the reported side effects of this. I recommend that you talk to a Doctor to confirm the cause.Once the cause is confirmed, the Doctor can modify your medication if needed.I hope this helps you. All the best.