Viginal Bleeding for eight weeks

Patient: I am a 29yr old female that has been bleeding for 8 weeks now. I’ve always had regular periods and continued to bleed lightly once my period should have stopped. I thought it was nothing but continued to bleed to 4 weeks after then had my next period and am now still bleeding.Without being crude, its not heavy bleeding like a period, it is like a trickle which requires me to use pads lots of tissue becasue using a tampon feels uncomfortable which is what I use when i’m on normally.My GP has examined me and done some tests which she says have all come back normal so she is referring me to the hospital doctor.I’ve been googling the symptoms and main result back is early menopause. Please could you tell me what your thoughts are on my symptoms and also what potential other thing it might be.Thank you in advanceCharlene