Vincent Roland DiFrancesco

Patient: My son Vincent,is 2 years old. Basically my question is whether or not my son may have mild CIPA or is just a very very tough kid. And I do mean very tough, it was a year or two before he shed any real tears and even longer before he would shed tears or even curls his lip regarding pain, even though he is a klutz and has already bumped his head or smashed his elbow 100 times or more, always the same, always just scratching it and then running off. He would come up to us turning in saying boo boo but that was always the most of it, rare for him to cry over any pain. I mean rare as if he may only have cried the few times that he has more as it it was over knowing he had a boo boo rather than feeling it. For example he dropped a 30 or 40 pound can of coins that he managed to lift off our coffee table and dropped it directly on his big toe. He stared at it for about 20 or 30 40 seconds before I realized that it had landed on his toe, it crushed his toenail and swelled up is toe. He only started to cry once I had pointed it out to him, and even then only cried for a matter of seconds, maybe a minute. things that would cause other kids too well uncontrollably for minutes at least, he would act as if he only had an itch to rub or scratch. I say mild because by definition it couldn’t be full CIPA because he is very conscientious how about how hot is food is, and actually likes it more room temperature or cold rather than hot, probably I don’t fear of burning his tongue which he is done once before, again she did not cry though. are their parents have been shocked seeing him wrong tripped and hit his head pretty good, and then get up and walk away as if nothing happened at all. Can my son have are very low sensitivity to pain as opposed to a high threshold? or are there different levels of this condition in which children do not feel pain as we do?

Symptoms: Not feeling pain as others do, seemingly. He is a very happy child.