Violently vomiting after alcohol

Patient: There i just thought i would ask for some advice regarding what medication i can take for an upset stomach. yesterday i was stupid i drank a double shot of baileys a shot of absinthe and a whole bottle of wine all in one go . when i got back i kept on being sick. this morning i cant stop being sick ive managed to get half a quaver crisp down and a bit of peppermint tea just dunking my finger into it. i cant drink water as i throw it back up instantly and the last 3 times ive been throwing up bloodi have diahoreah and pain in my kidney and liver area just a bit scared on what to do my mum says its fine my boyfriend wouldnt help me i cant get out of bed or breathe properlythanks gabrielle

Symptoms: Vomiting Passing out , stomach ache, blood in vomit , cant breathe , adominal pain in kidney and liver