Vit d3 and b12 deficiency – short dizzy feel?

Patient: I’m 31 years old female and purely vegetarian.I’ve vitamin d3 and b12 deficiency. I feel random numbness in my arms or legs (more in left side but also spreads to right side ). Its random like one day in a week time. I’m taking supplements for vit d3 and b12. Now I feel a random and very short (like not more than a second time) dizzy feeling. Since its that short, I’m not sure it really happens to me or its just my anxiety that makes me feel so. I’m worried that is it related to my deficiency levels or it could be something else.My Vit b12 = 201My vit d3 = 17.1I have done all my regular blood test – my RBC count/ sugar level/ uric acid/etc. were normal. I’ve raised level of LDL. Everything else is normal. Please help.

Symptoms: Numbness in my arms and legs occassionally
pain in my arms and legs occassionally
dizzy feel for a very short span (less than 1 sec) and very ransom as once a day or sometimes once in 2 days