Vitamin A is NOT helping

Patient: I used to have severe acne, which I managed to calm down with months of doxycycline. I now have mild acne and have been told that eating vitamin A will benefit my skin. I LOVE sweet potatoes (baked, with cinnamon) but I have found that whenever I eat them, I will unfailingly break out within 1-2 days. I’m hesitant to think it’s a food allergy because I do have other known food allergies which only cause itching, hives, and burning eyes – never facial acne! Do you have any suggestions for me? Will I need to stop eating sweet potatoes altogether?

Symptoms: Acne

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Given the fact that you are having these break-outs whenever you eat sweet potatoes it is p ossible that you do have a food sensitivity to them. It would be best to avoid eating them, and consult an allergist to conduct allergy testing for any and all food sensitivities you may have. This will assist you in preventing break outs from eating foods you are allergic too.Thank you for consulting