Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Patient: I am 30 and my B12 was 127 2 weeks later it had dropped to 116 my GP has told me to wait 3 months and he will test me again. My nan suffered from the same condition she was immediately give injections and then went on having them until her late 60’s. I have look on the internet and spoke to other people about this and it seems really strange that I have to wait 3 months. I am in severe pain and am worried that if I wait to long this could cause further problems. Could you please advise on what you think I should do?

Doctor: You should go back to your doctor and request him to do the test again, or at least have some pain relievers if possible . Vitamin B12 deficiencies have a number of causes (poor dietary intake, malabsorption which is a defect in the intestines that will prevent absorption of Vitamin B12, etc). Ask your doctor what is the possible cause of your Vitamin B12 deficiency. Treating the root cause of the Vitamin B12 deficiency is the key. I hope this helps.